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Whiplash! 10 Hour Scenework Bootcamp

10 Hour Scene Work Bootcamp! Prerequisite: Level 2 or higher in established improv school. Limit: 12 students Description: Whether your goal is solid story telling or pure chaos, the root of any good improv show is solid, two person scene work. This two day long intensive focuses on the fundamentals of creating believable, lived in universes, giving players the tools to answer the audience’s burning question: “Why the fuck are we watching this?” Players will work on making active choices with a deep commitment to honesty and listening and will drill simple techniques to create interesting scene starts every single time, with a heavy focus on building powerful and emotionally dynamic relationships between the characters and creating fun, playable games. The intensive will also include plenty of individual feedback and plenty of reps, as well as in depth homework assignments designed to chisel you into hardened improv steel. In the spirit of the film “Whiplash,” we’re going to work to push ourselves to the next level! Minus the verbal abuse and codependency.


Hardcore Listening

Next to “Yes, And,” active listening is the improv skill that separates the men and women from the boys and girls. Listening is about way more than hearing and remembering scene details. It’s about being present and open to being emotionally affected by the little moments. It’s about reacting honestly through the lens of our characters to every single thing that happens when the lights come up. Yea, though our cleverness and wits may fail us, solid listening will always make for an engaging scene. This workshop will apply some fancy Meisner acting technique to our improv to give our honest reactions a much needed workout.


Get Out of Your Head

Are you sitting on the sidelines, stressing about your next move? Are you trapped in your head, judging choices? Do your improv scenes ever feel like work? Are you worried about the big picture when you should be playing? We all experience "being in our heads" in some form or another. But don't worry! We can train our brains and bodies to live the moment on stage! This workshop will center on physical, mental and emotional exercises that will make you more active, present and playful in your scenes.